Indecent Exposeur @ Indulgence!


Hello Everyone!

Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair is now open, and you can find this naughty pose for only L$75!  Exposeur Gold members get a sweet deal: L$175 store credit for Gold members with purchase!  This naughty couples pose is copy, mod, no trans.




Exposeur @ faMESHed!


Hello Everyone!

Exposeur is in faMESHed this round, and this round we have a great Spanish Patio prop!  This gorgeous prop is only 12 Land Impact, with 15 single poses!  As always, this prop includes mirrors, and is copy, mod, no trans!  We hope you’re having a wonderful week!


Together for Sway

Have you heard about the Together for Sway event?

Sway Dench has been a fixture in Second Life for years. She creates some of the cutest furniture and decor, and is famous for her Cookie Bears. Recently, she learned that there is a benign tumour in her brain, and in 6 – 8 weeks, she will go into surgery to have it removed. While our dear Sway will make it through this, unfortunately her finances may not. She will be out of commission for nearly 6 months, and her inworld store is her only source of income.

Together for Sway was created to help this sweet woman deal with her time in need.

Various designers have banded together, and will set out their items (new or otherwise) all in the same venue. 100% of profits will go directly to Miss Dench.

Exposeur has a new group pose for the event:  Gift of a Friend.

Gift Of A Friend - Together For Sway

The event opens Saturday, December 15th.  Make sure to stop by and support a great cause!