Exposeur at Pose Fair 2016

Pose Fair has returned and will be open from March 12th till the 26th. Exposeur has released two new couples poses for Pose Fair. All of the proceeds from both poses will go towards Brookie’s surgery.

Teleport to Pose Fair!

Secret Garden

When We Were Young


Exposeur @ The Conquest!

No matter what which house of Westeros you’re aligned with , you’ll love the new poses available @ The Conquest!

Exposeur - Jalan Atthirari Anni

Jalan Atthirari Anni is a beautiful couple’s pose that includes an original mesh medieval style stool.

Exposeur - Oberyn

Oberyn is a set of 4 Male Poses and includes an original mesh spear.

You can find them both @ The Conquest!

Exposeur @ Summerfest

Rustic Wheel Dock from Exposeur available now @ Summerfest!

Exposeur - Rustic Wheel Dock

The Rustic Wheel Dock is a 100% Original Mesh piece that contains 7 animated sits. It’s just the thing for any lake or pond!

Also out is a beautiful couple’s pose  that also works well with the dock, check it out!

Exposeur - In The Morning Sun

They are both available now @ Summerfest!

Indecent Exposeur @ The Mens Dept!


Hello Everyone!

More naughtiness from Indecent Exposeur, this time at The Mens Dept!  This prop is only 10 Land Impact, has a 7.9m x 4.2m footprint, has 6 sexytime poses for couples, and includes a mesh nightstick!  This is also a great deal-it’s 50% off at 300L$!  Copy, Mod, No transfer and oh so naughty!  Hope you all have lots of kinky fun with this one!