Exposeur @ The Conquest!

No matter what which house of Westeros you’re aligned with , you’ll love the new poses available @ The Conquest!

Exposeur - Jalan Atthirari Anni

Jalan Atthirari Anni is a beautiful couple’s pose that includes an original mesh medieval style stool.

Exposeur - Oberyn

Oberyn is a set of 4 Male Poses and includes an original mesh spear.

You can find them both @ The Conquest!


Exposeur @ TLC!

Hello everyone!

The Liaison Collaborative has started!  This round’s theme is “The Gentlemen’s Club,” so naturally we have something special for the guys!

Exposeur has something special for the guys this round at The Liaison Collaborative!

“Pipes” is a 100% original mesh pose prop, which has 10 male static poses (plus mirrors) and is only 8 Land Impact!  Stop by and get yours today!  Have a great weekend!