Zodiac: Scorpio

Three new releases are available exclusively at the Scorpio round of Zodiac (until November 16th).

“Only if for a Night” $75L

Only if for a Night

“It Ends Tonight” $75L

It Ends Tonight

“She’s Crafty” $75L

shes crafty

Exposeur has also teamed up with Kaz Nayar of Pilot to create three pose sets with props, also exclusively at Zodiac.

“Stay Thirsty” $200L

Stay Thirsty

“Coates Cardio” $250L

Pilot and Exposeur - Coates Cardio

“Morello Weight Bench” $250L

Pilot and Exposeur - Morello Weight Bench

A group gift is also available exclusively at Zodiac for Exposeur Gold members!

Exposeur Gold Group Gift

To join the group, search “Exposeur Gold” in-world, or paste this link into local chat and click for group information:


Click to visit Zodiac.


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