Exposeur Pose Props at Pose Fair 2016

Along with the couples poses, Exposeur has also released a few pose props at this year’s Pose Fair.

Exposeur - Hex Wall

The Hex Wall is an original mesh prop which includes 10 poses + mirrors. All sales of this item will go towards Brookie’s vet bills!

Exposeur - Garden Stones

The Garden Stones are an original mesh prop which include 10 poses + mirrors.

Exposeur - Mystic Doorway

The Mystic Doorway is an original mesh prop which includes 10 poses + mirrors.

All three of these items are available at Pose Fair until March 26th. Teleport to Pose Fair.

Photography in this post by Thalia Heckroth.

Exposeur @ The Conquest!

No matter what which house of Westeros you’re aligned with , you’ll love the new poses available @ The Conquest!

Exposeur - Jalan Atthirari Anni

Jalan Atthirari Anni is a beautiful couple’s pose that includes an original mesh medieval style stool.

Exposeur - Oberyn

Oberyn is a set of 4 Male Poses and includes an original mesh spear.

You can find them both @ The Conquest!

Exposeur @ Summerfest

Rustic Wheel Dock from Exposeur available now @ Summerfest!

Exposeur - Rustic Wheel Dock

The Rustic Wheel Dock is a 100% Original Mesh piece that contains 7 animated sits. It’s just the thing for any lake or pond!

Also out is a beautiful couple’s pose  that also works well with the dock, check it out!

Exposeur - In The Morning Sun

They are both available now @ Summerfest!

Indecent Exposeur @ The Mens Dept!


Hello Everyone!

More naughtiness from Indecent Exposeur, this time at The Mens Dept!  This prop is only 10 Land Impact, has a 7.9m x 4.2m footprint, has 6 sexytime poses for couples, and includes a mesh nightstick!  This is also a great deal-it’s 50% off at 300L$!  Copy, Mod, No transfer and oh so naughty!  Hope you all have lots of kinky fun with this one!